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The Oxford Handbook of Citizenship
02.02.2019 / 00:27 144

Contrary to predictions that it would become increasingly redundant in a globalizing world, citizenship is back with a vengeance. The Oxford Handbook of Citizenship brings together leading experts in law, philosophy, political science, economics, sociology, and geography to provide a multidisciplinary, comparative discussion of different dimensions of citizenship: as legal status and political membership; as rights and obligations; as identity and belonging; as civic virtues and practices of engagement; and as a discourse of political and social equality or responsibility for a common good.

The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Law
02.02.2019 / 00:26 2384

This volume provides a comprehensive survey of the contemporary study of Islamic law and a critical analysis of its deficiencies. Written by outstanding senior and emerging scholars in their fields, it offers an innovative historiographical examination of the field of Islamic law and an ideal introduction to key personalities and concepts.

Науково-теоретичного журналу "Evropský politický aprávní diskurz" ("Європейський політико-правовий дискурс")
22.01.2019 / 10:24 378

Триває набір статей для публікації в першому (лютневому) номері науково-теоретичного журналу "Evropský politický aprávní diskurz" ("Європейський політико-правовий дискурс") за 2019 рік.

Immigration & Asylum Law
03.01.2019 / 20:55 319

The definitive textbook for this fast-moving area of law, expertly guiding students through the key issues of immigration and asylum in the modern world. Clear analysis and commentary on the political and social impact of the law encourages the reader to develop a critical mindset.

Law of the European Convention on Human Rights
03.01.2019 / 20:52 164

This seminal text offers a comprehensive account of the case law of the ECHR and its underlying principles. It provides a guide to decisions under the Convention and its protocols, article by article, as well as explaining the history and likely development of the law.

What's Left of the Law of Integration? Decay and Resistance in European Union Law
28.08.2018 / 23:15 1227

Born from the ashes of the Second World War as one of the most ambitious and successful parts of the plan for the reconstruction of Western Europe, European integration has been immersed in a deep economic and institutional crisis for more than a decade. This difficult situation is also threatening to erode one of its most original and valuable elements: the establishment of a supranational rule of law among the Member States of the European Union that provides a solid framework for their peaceful, ordered, and fair relations.

Legal Directives and Practical Reasons
28.08.2018 / 23:14 361

This book investigates laws interaction with practical reasons. What difference can legal requirements - be they traffic rules, tax laws, work safety regulations, or others - make to normative reasons relevant to our action? Do they give reasons for action that should be weighed among all other reasons? Or can they, instead, exclude and take the place of some other reasons? The book critically examines some of the existing answers and puts forward an alternative account of the relation between law and practical reasons.

Preventing and Resolving Conflicts of Jurisdiction in EU Criminal Law
28.08.2018 / 23:11 395

This edited volume is based on the European Law Institute's project, 'The Prevention and Resolution of Conflicts of Exercise of Jurisdiction in Criminal Law', co-ordinated by the European Law Institute (ELI) and the University of Luxembourg. The project ran from 2013 to 2017 and was conducted under the auspices of the ELI and the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR).

Цивільні особи у сучасних збройних конфліктах: спадщина Рафала Лемкіна
18.09.2017 / 18:02 2164

Рафал Лемкін був першим із фахівців міжнародного права, який визначив злочини сталінського комуністичного режиму проти українців як геноцид та проаналізував геноцид в Україні в контексті міжнародного права.

Довідник з безгромадянства в регіоні ОБСЄ: міжнародні стандарти та передова практика (Handbook on Statelessness in the OSCE Area: International Standards and Good Practices)
21.03.2017 / 18:22 2943

The handbook highlights the complex implications of statelessness for individuals, states and societies, with good practices and recommendations aiming to increase engagement and progress in addressing this phenomenon by OSCE participating States. The book was jointly developed by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities (HCNM) and UNHCR.

Неминучість ери правосуддя в Україні donum auctoris Неминучість ери правосуддя в Україні
Утворений у процесі розгорнутої Судової реформи Верховний Суд діє. Хтось називає найвищий судовий орган в Україні н...
Про жарт, який набув ознак шахрайства, і дещо про судову практику Справа Про жарт, який набув ознак шахрайства, і дещо про судову практику
Вдалі жарти – показник здорового духу людини, великий запас позитиву і ставлення до щоденних проблем. А ще гумор – ...
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