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The Oxford Handbook of Criminal Process

13.05.2019 / 19:53

The Oxford Handbook of Criminal Process

Darryl K. Brown, Jenia Iontcheva Turner, and Bettina Weisser. The Oxford Handbook of Criminal Process, 2019. - 1056 р.


The Oxford Handbook of Criminal Process surveys the topics and issues in the field of criminal process, including the laws, institutions, and practices of the criminal justice administration. The process begins with arrests or with crime investigation such as searches for evidence. It continues through trial or some alternative form of adjudication such as plea bargaining that may lead to conviction and punishment, and it includes post-conviction events such as appeals and various procedures for addressing miscarriages of justice. Across more than 40 chapters, this Handbook provides a descriptive overview of the subject sufficient to serve as a durable reference source, and more importantly to offer contemporary critical or analytical perspectives on those subjects by leading scholars in the field. Topics covered include history, procedure, investigation, prosecution, evidence, adjudication, and appeal.

Table of Contents

1. Criminal Process in the Dual Penal State: A Comparative-Historical Analysis
Markus Dubber
2. Fundamental Values of Criminal Procedure
Richard Lippke
3. Empirical Approaches to Criminal Procedure
Jackie Hodgson & Yu Mou
4. Comparative Approaches to Criminal Procedure: Transplants, Translations and Adversarial-Model Reforms in European Criminal Process
Elisabetta Grande
5. The European Convention on Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights as Guardians of Fair Criminal Proceedings in Europe
Bettina Weisser
6. The European Union and the Rights of Individuals in Criminal Proceedings
Valsamis Mitsilegas
7. Roles, Powers, Procedure and Practice: The Place of the Prosecutor in Common Law and Civil Law Jurisdictions
Katalin Ligeti
8. Defense Rights in European Legal Systems under the Influence of the European Court of Human Rights
Thomas Weigend
9. Defense Rights, Duties, Norms and Practices in Common Law and Civil Law Jurisdictions
Ed Cape
10. Professional Judges, Lay Judges, and Lay Jurors
Valerie Hans & Rebecca Helm
11. Rights and Duties of Experts
Joelle Vuille
12. Conceptualizing the Victim within Criminal Justice Processes in Common Law Tradition
Marie Manikis
13. Victim Rights in Civil Law Jurisdictions
Johanna Göhler
14. Betrayal by Bosses: Undercover Policing and the Problem of Upstream Defection
Jacqueline Ross
15. Interviews of Suspects of Crime: Law and Practice in European Countries
Marijke Malsch and Meike M. de Boer
16. Interrogation Law and Practice in Common Law Jurisdictions
David Dixon
17. Digital Civil Liberties and the Translation Problem
Michael Washington and Neil Richards
18. Prosecution-Led Investigations and Measures of Procedural Coercion in the Field of Corruption
Maria Kaiafa-Gbandi
19. International Corporate Prosecutions
Brandon Garrett
20. Special Procedures for White-Collar and Corporate Wrongdoing: A European Perspective
Juliette Tricot
21. Double Jeopardy and ne bis in Idem in Common Law and Civil Law Jurisdictions
Carl-Friedrich Stuckenberg
22. Jurisdiction and ne bis in Idem in Prosecution of Transnational Crimes
André Klip
23. Detention before Trial and Civil Detention of Dangerous Individuals in Civil Law Jurisdictions
Grischa Merkel
24. Pretrial Detention and Civil Detention of Bernadette McSherry
25. Evidence Discovery and Disclosure in Common Law Systems
Darryl K. Brown
26. Access to and Limits on Evidence Dossiers in Civil Law Systems
Michele Caianiello
27. Transnational Access to Evidence, Witnesses and Suspects
Sabine Gless
28. International Law and Treaty Obligations, Mutual Legal Assistance and E.U. Instruments
Martin Böse
29. Challenges of Trial Procedure Reform: Is European Union Legislation Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?
Helmut Satzger & Frank Zimmermann
30. Trial Procedure in Response to Terrorism
Nicola McGarrity
31. Criminalization and Quasi-Criminalization of Terrorism: Emerging Trends and Tensions with Human Rights Law in the UK
Helen Fenwick
32. Comparing Plea Bargaining and Abbreviated Trial Procedures
Gwladys Gillieron
33. Common Law Plea Bargaining
Mary Vogel
34. Forensic Science Evidence, Adversarial Criminal Proceedings and Mainstream Scientific Gary Edmond
35. Beyond Common Law Evidence: Reimagining, and Reinvigorating, Evidence Law as Forensic Science
John Jackson & Paul Roberts
36. Exclusion of Wrongfully Obtained Evidence: A Comparative Analysis
Ho Hock Lai
37. Rights and Methods to Challenge Evidence and Witnesses in Civil Law Jurisdictions
Lorena Bachmaier
38. The Confrontation Right
Richard Friedman
39. Comparative Assessment of Sentencing Laws, Practices and Trends
Tatjana Hörnle
40. Restorative Justice as an Alternative to Penal Sanctions
Elisavet Symeonidou-Kastanidou
41. Appeal and Cassation in Continental European Criminal Justice Systems: Guarantees of Factual Accuracy, or Vehicles for Administrative Control?
Stephen C. Thaman
42. Exceptional Procedures to Correct Miscarriages of Justice in Common Law Systems
Kent Roach
43. Pluralism in International Criminal Procedure
Jenia I. Turner

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