Ukrainian law
Procedure Wars: Pyrrhic Victories on the Way of Decay
24.12.2017 / 10:02 87

The desire to gain an advantage in business conflicts or even in a political confrontation is often reduced to the filing of applications for the registration of criminal proceedings (for committing criminal offenses), which, upon request or with a forced charity, are registered in the Uniform Register of Pre-trial Investigations, which results in the pre-trial investigation.

Legal news in Ukraine: 15th January - 20th January 2018
20.01.2018 / 11:00 1

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on reintegration of Donbas, the Law on the installation of gas meters up to 2021 came into force, in Ukraine access to free legal aid has been expanded, new requirements for the assessment of the work of the police investigators, the government has established the procedure for the appointment of social assistance to pensioners

Legal news in Ukraine: 8th January - 13th January 2018
13.01.2018 / 11:00 24

The Supreme Court starts to hear cases, the list of circumstances aggravating the commission of a crime has changed, amendments to the Commercial Procedural Code for simplified proceedings have been made, the regular congress of judges will be held in March, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice agreed on the concept of the development of legal education

Iegislative changes in Ukraine that came into force from the beginning of 2018
06.01.2018 / 10:38 41

From January 1, 2018, the minimum wage in Ukraine is set at 3723 hryvnias

Legal news in Ukraine: 18th December - 23th December 2017
23.12.2017 / 11:00 106

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine adopted two decisions, Verkhovna Rada introduced photo and videofixing of parking violations, the Law "On Public Procurement" has been amended, recalculation of military pensions will be begin in January, the UN Security Council adopted resolution about Crimea

Legal news in Ukraine: 11th December - 16th December 2017
16.12.2017 / 11:00 112

New procedural codes came into force, new Supreme Court started to work, changes to the Code of Criminal Procedure came into force, a court fee has been raised for appeals and cassation complaints, President signed the first decrees on consolidation of courts, Ministry of Education identified the terms of the 2018 admission campaign for a magistracy in law

Legal news in Ukraine: 4th December - 9th December 2017
09.12.2017 / 11:00 151

Verkhovna Rada adopted state budget for 2018, the Law on Amendments to the Criminal Procedural Code on conducting searches has come into force, the government adopted a decree аbout courts’ security, сhairmen of courts of cassation in the Supreme Court were elected, the results of the qualifying exam in the local courts were announced, the moratorium on land sales has been extended for year

Legal news in Ukraine: 27th November - 2th December 2017
02.12.2017 / 11:00 159

The Plenum of the Supreme Court made important organizational decisions, new procedural codes will come into force on December 15, a competition to the High Court on Intellectual Property was started, changes to the Labor Code came into force, President signed changes to the Criminal Procedural Code on conducting searches, at the Nikopol court, during a court hearing, grenades were blown up

Legal news in Ukraine: 13th November - 18th November 2017
19.11.2017 / 11:26 264

Ukrainian Judges’ Congress has appointed a judge of the Constitutional Court, Verkhovna Rada has adopted the Law on Amendments to the Criminal Procedural Code on conducting searches, the state budget for 2018 was adopted in first reading, the number of judges in the Supreme Court and higher specialized courts decreased, the competition commission has elected management of the State Bureau of Investigation, Verkhovna Rada has approved a bill on making December 25 an official non-working holiday instead of May 2

Legal news in Ukraine: 6th November - 11th November 2017
12.11.2017 / 09:30 249

President has appointed judges of the new Ukrainian Supreme Court, consolidation of courts will begin in Cherkasy and Chernivtsi, Rada adopted law on utilities and housing services, in Ukraine Election Code was adopted in first reading, Rada adopted law on utilities and housing services

Ілюзія права donum auctoris Ілюзія права
Суспільство, не навчене праву, не має соціальних перспектив, а цивілізаціний поступ такого суспільства дорівнює с...
Як судді захистити своє право: у відповідь на мовчання Ради суддів суддя оголосив голодування Феміда Як судді захистити своє право: у відповідь на мовчання Ради суддів суддя оголосив голодування
Намагаючись привернути увагу до проблеми суддівської винагороди, з 3 січня 2018 року суддя Снегірьов розпочав без...
Трагедія однієї сім'ї Справа Трагедія однієї сім'ї
Кожна судова справа – це історія, історія окремих людей або й цілих сімей, історія про кохання та зраду, історія ...
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