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Ukrainian law
Legal order and paramilitary formation
03.03.2018 / 17:24 85

The legal order is one of the most complicated and overwhelming categories that characterize the right of law and its existence. A lawyer novice and ordinary citizen-observer on legal order can speak only in the context of real relationships in society and to a greater extent in public places, bringing the understanding of legal order into public order, which, of course, cannot fully disclose all aspects of the legal order.

Legal news in Ukraine: changes to the Criminal Procedure and Criminal Codes, the appointment of the ombudsman and deputy chairman of the Constitutional Court, disciplinary statute of the National Police, new amounts of compensation for court costs
17.03.2018 / 11:00 1

The amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code have been introduced, a new Commissioner for Human Rights has been appointed, Verkhovna Rada adopted the Disciplinary Statute of the National Police and changes to the Criminal Code, The deputy сhairman of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine has been elected 

Legal news in Ukraine: congress of judges, qualification assessment for judges, improvement of changes to the Criminal Code, amendments to the process of individual income of the people, decision of the ECHR in a case against Ukraine
10.03.2018 / 11:08 19

The Congress of Judges elected members of the High Council of Justice, High Qualifications Commission of Judges and the Council of Judges of Ukraine, High Qualifications Commission of Judges conducts qualification assessment of judges, law on Liability for Suicide has come into force, the government changed the order of indexation of incomes, ECHR has decided to pay 8200 euros to Ukrainians detained for contempt of the court

Legal news in Ukraine: appointment of judges of the Constitutional Court, new decisions of the Constitutional Court, first reading of the anti-corruption court bill, creation of a new ministry, decision of the Supreme Court in the case of the ECHR
03.03.2018 / 18:15 60

Two judges of the Constitutional Court have been appointed, language law was declared unconstitutional, anti-corruption court bill was adopted as a basis, Constitutional Court found unconstitutional the tax of pensions, The Supreme Court awarded compensation under the decision of the ECHR, a new ministry will be set up in Ukraine

Legal news in Ukraine: the election of the head of the Constitutional Court, the law on the reintegration of the Donbas, the increase of military pensions, moratorium and inspections, a program for preparing candidates for a judge
24.02.2018 / 11:00 104

The head of the Constitutional Court was chosen and regulation was approved, the law on the reintegration of the Donbas came into force, the government has approved an increase in pensions for military personnel, the 24 control bodies are not subject to a moratorium on inspections in 2018, the procedure and the program of special training of candidates for a judge have been approved

Legal news in Ukraine: judges’ qualification assessment, legal positions of Supreme Court, constitutionality of medical reform, programs for masters in law and international law, ECHR’s decision
17.02.2018 / 11:00 128

Judges’ qualification  assessment  was started, Supreme Court will inform the public аuthorities of its legal positions, medical reform will be rewieved on constitutionality, programs for masters in law and international law were approved, ECHR finds no violation in case about access to a court

Illusion of law
11.02.2018 / 12:16 211

The world of illusions not only in life in general, but also in the legal life of a person is quite dangerous because it leads to errors that have the consequence of tragic events not only for a particular person, but also for society. 

Legal news in Ukraine: the register of non-payment of alimony, new laws, the list of candidates for the Supreme Council of Justice, an alternative bill for the lawyers, decision of the ECHR in the case of Volkov
10.02.2018 / 11:00 204

The Law, that will apply to non-payment of alimony, has come into force, Verkhovna Rada criminalized inducement to suicide, Law on limited liability companies was adopted, the list of candidates for the Supreme Council of Justice is officially published, an alternative bill on advocacy was presented, assessing the quality of the lawyers of the free secondary legal aid will be based on new standards, ECHR made another decision in the case of former judge of the Supreme Court of Ukraine Volkov

03.02.2018 / 19:03 243

2017 is full of many events in the international legal field for Ukraine. The main ones are highlighted in the material prepared statements and comments through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.  This publication is a continuation of the article "International legal success of Ukraine in 2017: facts and events". 

Legal news in Ukraine: courts in Crimea and Donbass, judges' qualification, summons to the court, medical reform, Commentary on the Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct
03.02.2018 / 11:00 171

The High Council of Justice suspended the work of 84 courts in the occupied territories, qualification for more than 1,700 judges has been nominated, publication of notifications about summons to the court, medical reform came into force, commentary on the Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct, head of the system of free legal aid was appointed

Правопорядок і парамілітарні формування donum auctoris Правопорядок і парамілітарні формування
Правопорядок є однією з надскладних і надважливих категорій, які характеризують власне право і його буття
Новий Кодекс адміністративного судочинства: позиція суддів Верховного Суду з проблемних питань Феміда Новий Кодекс адміністративного судочинства: позиція суддів Верховного Суду з проблемних питань
У межах спільної наради суддів Касаційного адміністративного суду за участю голів апеляційних та окружних адмініс...
Як опинитись на лаві підсудного за допис в соціальній мережі? Справа Як опинитись на лаві підсудного за допис в соціальній мережі?
Петро був одним із тих багатьох студентів київських вишів, які жалкували, що приїхали «підкорювати столицю» не на...
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