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Illusion of law

11.02.2018 / 12:16

Illusion of law

The world of illusions not only in life in general, but also in the legal life of a person is quite dangerous because it leads to errors that have the consequence of tragic events not only for a particular person, but also for society. At first glance it seems that the world of illusions are largely convenient, beneficial, as it allows to relate to the realities of life on their own preferences, sometimes even with the best of feelings and emotions, and negative and extreme pessimism that creates a particular illusion of fear, rarely moving in a state of depression, instead there are clear settings to counter hostile environments. The illusion, as you know, is always a distorted idea of reality because of the false perception of reality. But illusion is also a deception, often brought into the conscious life of a person and formed in the mind as a result of the reflection of false information, which seems to be convincingly substantiated to somebody as credible.

Is it important for each of us to understand and know that there is a right relating to the law and that it destroys the law under these circumstances? This understanding is obligatory in today's conditions and not only. Understanding the law and its adequate reflection in the mind allows you to correctly perceive any events that relate to the legal existence of man, to perceive as they are. Ignorance and misunderstanding of the law create sufficient conditions for the formation of the illusion of law and, most dangerously, the illusion of the presence of law in the activities of those institutions that determine the general rules of coexistence in society. It is, first of all, about the state and the state mechanism. The fact is that it is the state that offers society a general rule, often referring to such rules by law. But only one name or even the definition of such an important social phenomenon, which is law, does not form its content, does not reveal a social essence, and does not transform the social purpose into qualitative functions, which law must perform. Any norm emanating from the state must conform to the idea of law, and this, unfortunately, is far from always the case.

The illusion of law is like an illusion of faith, and perhaps even more in the ordinary conditions of human existence on earth.

We treat those who are too easily exposed to the illusion of law, turning it into fiction. The reason is simple - we do not understand and do not perceive the true values of law, we measure the right through our loved ones, through mine, through that shirt that attached to the body and does not allow us to look at the world with a wide and open sight. It happened. We have forgotten the norms that are so well written out in the Statutes of Lithuania of the customary law and the old Ruska Pravda (Rus' Justice or Rus’ Truth [Law]), which absorbed earlier customary norms of Kievan Rus', and we did not accept any norms that were offered to society in future by different regimes in different periods, and which only conditionally could be called a right.

Society, not trained in law, has no social prospects, and the civilizational progress of such a society is equal to the leap of the quill man through the abyss. We are not trained law. We believe that words from the tribune, beautiful words in the screens and on the pages of newspapers, magazines, on large canvases of advertising or in social networks - that is, the truth, which is liquefied by the law. We are subjected to persuasion, and even bribery, small, no, but still bribery, hoping, but in vain, for the better then. We believe someone else without having your understanding. We do not understand the law. Therefore, we endure injustice to the time, as if we are absorbed in freedom, forgetting that this is also a duty, an obligation that is near the one where our freedom may end, because he is barefoot and hungry and unable to do more. We ignore that equality is for equal opportunities and equality is always for responsibility. We are breaking off on ferocious rage from violations committed by the environment, and we are looking for an opportunity to resolve issues of own violation, own responsibility in family or friendly ties. And all of this we call democracy and define a legal, social state.

Maybe there, in those wonderful words of the Constitution, we lost our law, and got an illusion with which we spit into the world, demonstrating our legal ignorance? Is there a reason for the other - there is a deception that at all times does not allow us to understand what law is. This vulgar deception, which comes out under the guise of the Law, where the dumb norms that will never be able to speak to people, because they can not see human due to the contaminated nature of their various groups of pressure from the oligarchs and from the cynical politicians who see their interest in it. That deception, which wreaked law enforcement officers are not trained in law, but trained to be rich in law. The deception that comes from the court is that, like the law enforcement officers, it sells itself, eliminating all the futile attempts to obtain the law to court decisions.

After all, if we will continue to live with illusions of law, if not understand that it is a social infectious disease that is able to deform the body of society, when left untreated for real, if not remove it from his own consciousness forever, then we did stay with her false, inverted perception of law and legal in an indeterminate civilizational dimension in society. Is this our choice?


Editor in Chief Pavlo Bogutskyi


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