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Legal news in Ukraine: the ratings of candidates for the Supreme Court and the Anti-corruption court, the election of a business ombudsman, the model office of probation has been opened in Kharkiv

10.03.2019 / 18:13

Legal news in Ukraine: the ratings of candidates for the Supreme Court and the Anti-corruption court, the election of a business ombudsman, the model office of probation has been opened in Kharkiv

The second contest for the judges of Supreme Court has been completed

The High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine completed the second contest for the positions of judges of the Supreme Court and named its winners.

Thus, the formation of the highest court, that was formed for the first time by the results of the competition, is culminating.

The second competition was held in four cassation courts of the Supreme Court.

The commission received 659 applications for participation in the competition, and 566 candidates were admitted. 525 candidates participated in the compilation of anonymous testing. 316 of them took tests successfully. 235 candidates were admitted to the interview phase.

46 out of 235 candidates did not confirm their ability to work in the Supreme Court during the final stage of the contest «Study Dossier and Interview».

Therefore, the Commission has formed a rating to the court from 185 candidates.

The rating of candidates to the Cassation Administrative Court of the Supreme Court can be found here, to the Cassation Economic Court – here, to the Cassation Criminal Court – here and to the Cassation Civil Court – here.

The contest was attended by judges, lawyers, scholars and candidates with cumulative experience. Among the 78 winners of the competition 54 were judges (69%), 14 – scientific workers (18%), 7 – lawyers (9%) and 3 winners had combined experience (4%). Thus, the Commission recommends the appointment of almost 30% of candidates who have not previously worked as judges.

Distribution of winners in the courts of cassation according to work experience:

Cassation Administrative Court (26 positions): 20 judges, 4 academics, 1 lawyer and 1 with cumulative experience;

Cassation Economic Court (16 positions): 11 judges, 2 scientists and 3 lawyers;

Cassation Criminal Court (13 positions) 9 judges, 3 scientists and 1 lawyer;

Cassation Civil Court (23 positions): 14 judges, 5 academics, 2 lawyers and 2 with cumulative experience.

Among the winners there are 30 candidates of science and 5 doctors of sciences; 31 women and 47 men. The youngest winner of the competition is 34 years old, while the oldest one is 61. Most of the winners are from Kiev (24) and Kharkiv (8).

The Public Council of Integrity helped in conducting the competition at one of its stages. The Council established the candidate’s eligibility for professional ethics and integrity criteria during the qualification evaluation. The Council prepared conclusions on 71 candidates. 55 candidates (77%) with conclusions did not get to the final rating.

The contest to the Anticorruption Court was completed

The High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine also summarized the results of the qualification assessment and approved the ratings of candidates for vacant positions of judges of the High Anti-Corruption Court and the Appeals Chamber of the Anticorruption Court.

The competition for these positions in the new court, that was created within the framework of judicial reform, has been continued in Ukraine from August 2, 2018.

343 candidates submitted documents for participation in the competition, 270 of them were allowed to participate. 156 candidates successfully passed the test, 113 – a practical task, 81 of them – to the Anti-Corruption Court, and 32 – to the Appeals Chamber.

The Public Council of International Experts raised questions about integrity and professionalism of 49 candidates (43%). The experts had no complaints about 64 candidates (57%) and they immediately moved on to the next stage of the competition – interviews, based on the results of the research file.

71 candidates took part in the final ranking.

The final rating to the Appeals Chamber includes 12 winners of the competition, 50% of them are judges and 50% are lawyers and scholars. The rating to the High Anti-corruption Court includes 27 winners, 40% of them have work experience as lawyers and academics and 60% – as judges.

Reception of documents for the position of business ombudsman has begun

The Council of Business Ombudsman has started to accept the applications from potential candidates for the position of Business Ombudsman of Ukraine.

Documents are accepted until March 15, 2019.

The Business Ombudsman considers complaints regarding manifestations of corruption and any other violations of the legitimate interests of entrepreneurs by state and municipal authorities, enterprises under their management and individual officials. The Council of Business Ombudsman represents and protects the interests of business in government bodies.

The main tasks of the business ombudsman include:

to head the Council of the Business Ombudsman, to determine and to formulate a strategy for its activities,

to make a decision on the consideration of certain complaints from the business or their rejection in the absence of appropriate legislative grounds for this,

to carry out representative functions of the Council in contacts with its supervisory board and state authorities,

to report to the supervisory board on the results of the Ombudsman Council’s work.

Candidates for the position of business ombudsman of Ukraine should, in particular, have a university degree in economics or law, demonstrate profound knowledge of economic, social and political problems in Ukraine and have relevant professional experience. Mandatory requirement for candidates is fluent English.

Candidates for the position may not occupy any elective position or positions in state and local authorities.

Candidates who have worked in the civil service or in local government bodies for the last 3 years are also not allowed to participate in the competition. Candidates cannot be members of any political party, nor can they have financial or investment interests in any business on the territory of Ukraine.

The contract will be offered to the strongest candidate for a term of 2 years.

All interested candidates can send their resume by e-mail:

Algirdas Shemeta, former European Commissioner and twice Minister of Finance of Lithuania, is a business ombudsman in Ukraine since December 22, 2014.

Now the team of the Business Ombudsman’ Council consists of 35 specialists with western education and professional experience in law, strategic management, economics, auditing and risk management.

The model probation office was opened in Kharkiv

The first model probation office has been opened in Kharkiv, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine reports.

The office was opened with the support of Norwegian advocates on the rule of law in Ukraine – NORLAU.

The office will hold probation programs, trainings and group sessions. Events will take place with the participation of partner organizations.

The workplaces of the probation officer are equipped with comfortable furniture and modern computer equipment (so-called closed area). Also, the office has allocated space for individual and group work with convicts (open area).

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