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Procedure Wars: Pyrrhic Victories on the Way of Decay

24.12.2017 / 10:02

Procedure Wars: Pyrrhic Victories on the Way of Decay

The desire to gain an advantage in business conflicts or even in a political confrontation is often reduced to the filing of applications for the registration of criminal proceedings (for committing criminal offenses), which, upon request or with a forced charity, are registered in the Uniform Register of Pre-trial Investigations, which results in the pre-trial investigation.The order costs certain money, certain dividends for those who are executors, and of course, such orders have in their content a bunch of procedural and non-procedural troubles for those involved in criminal proceedings.In the modern age of our history, the danger inherent in the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine is precisely the ability to investigate anything with respect to anyone since its adoption and entry into force.Such an investigation has clear indications of procedure war, where there are no winners, but the actual victims will always be:from the beneficiaries of big business to small business, from ordinary citizens to politicians at local or national level. And recently, the investigators are becoming the leaders of law enforcement, anti-corruption bodies, and prosecutors, and often it is a judge orcourt leaders.

Undoubtedly, the feasibility of criminal proceedings, the implementation of pre-trial investigation is based on the provisions of the Act on the adequacy of information about a criminal offense.But the fact is that the persons who submit applications and the persons who register the criminal proceedings on such applications do not deepen the legal meaning; they consider only the suggestions that have been discovered and covered with thanksgiving to investigate, obtain any evidence, the necessary information, influence the resolution of disputed issues, gain strength in corporate disputes, etc.This approach many decades after the tyranny of the State Security and the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs is guided by a well-known rule: "It would have been a man, and an article (law) would be available ...".

That's how the society was immersed in the turbid water of criminal proceedings from pre-trial investigation officers.We observe how the pre-trial investigation is carried out on the grounds of a criminal offense allegedly committed by officials of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, the head of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Prosecutor General, heads of law enforcement departments, and law enforcement agencies.

Can a winner be in such a confrontation?It is doubtful.Will authorities and such a law enforcement system be competent after such proceedings? Of course it is not.Will this contribute to the strengthening of the rule of law, and will respect not only the law but also the law in general?The answer is also negative.

It makes no sense to make a reservation regarding real criminal offenses, a real counteraction to the abuse of high-ranking officials and law-enforcement officers who are subject to criminal liability for criminal offenses and where punishment should be inevitable.Only modernity until such examples gives us such a solution to criminal proceedings.

Therefore, we are watching incredible activity, sensational statements at the beginning and dumb scenes at the end.These are Facebook tabs, TV shows, tweetings, etc.Winners and losers are just missing, or they expect to replace the scenery.Observers (viewers, readers) use a new portion of the prepared show, do not understand the essence of the process that is taking place, which leads to the collapse of the law-enforcement system, which until then has been and remains unformed.Is it necessary to emphasize the responsibility for such unlawful actions with a non-masked procedural cover with the imperfect norms for application in the Ukrainian realities of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine?I hope that such accents are superfluous, but there is no need to silence the problem.Too much is the price of silence and inactivity under the prevailing desire to win Pyrrhic victories in artificially resolved procedural wars.


Editor in Chief Pavlo Bogutskyi

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