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28.10.2017 / 21:37


The topic of state authority in Ukraine is the subject of scientific discourse and journalism. But, overall, we will not see activity in discussing this topic, which can be somewhat surprising, somewhat alarming, but there is nothing accidental here.

What is it really state authority in our state? Political scientists, sociologists, lawyers will find an academic answer to the question and the Constitution of Ukraine will help them. It is in the Constitution that we read in Article 5 that Ukraine is a republic, that is the bearer of sovereignty and the only source of authority in Ukraine is the people that the people exercise authority directly and through the organs of state authority and local self-government, that the right to define and change the constitutional system in Ukraine belongs exclusively to the people and cannot be usurped by the state, its organs or officials that no one can usurp state authority.But in Article 6 of the Constitution we find: state authority in Ukraine is exercised based on its division into legislative, executive and judicial. Bodies of legislative, executive and judicial authority exercise their powers within the limits established by the Constitution of Ukraine and in accordance with the laws of Ukraine. Everything is so, everything is true, everything corresponds to the political and legal formulas. And what about the matter?

The essence of state authority is to manage or control the state, which is a public organization of society and public life. Consequently, the state authorities are called to provide management, control of all social processes that take place in the public organization of society, that is in the state. Management, government of accessibility to decision-making, definition of directions of movement, provision of social and economic, political, legal, etc. achievements.Management, government of an attractive opportunity to use authority for a certain purpose and for the realization of certain interests. Management, government of society requires unity, integrity of state authority, provided that the general principle of the existence of state authority is fulfilled - its distribution into separate, to some extent independent branches: legislative, executive, judicial. It was important to combine the seemingly unrelated feature of phenomena such as different branches of power, but in Ukrainian realities this is too difficult a task. The states that have gone through the path of democratic development and transformation have successfully solved the stated task. The base solution is a responsibility and an understanding that responsibility for the consequences of management in the broad sense of the term, actions and decisions on behalf of the state, endowed by the Constitution and laws of public authority.

Regarding the distribution of state authority in Ukraine is not currently looks as required by the constitutional principle of separation of authority. The reason is the legal incompleteness of the formation of the institution of the head of state, which, in accordance with the current Constitution, is the President. In our state, all the arteries of authority come from the President, so it is today, since independence since the founding of the Presidential institution. The distribution of authority institute of presidential authority takes a completely defined by the Constitution of place - not the legislature, however, affect the operations of Parliament having authorities to dissolve; does not lead the executive, but actively influences the formation of the government. Finally, the President according to the Constitution at the head of the armed forces of other established under current legislation military forces as Supreme Commander solves important task of national security. The views expressed are not criticized, but there is impetus for reflection and further intention is to determine the figure of the President as the center, in a different way as the core of the government, as an institution that has as its purpose to unite for the sake of state authorityof public interests, those present throughout society that is in each of us.

This solution meets the political realities of Ukraine, but this solution imposes additional responsibility on the president's authority. Containment of branches of authority in their unity is a prerequisite for successful management (government) of society, a guarantee of a democratic regime of authority. However, the levers of deterrence cannot go beyond the rules of the Constitution and laws. Benefits in government are not thought of - benefits lead to usurpation of authority, but the separation of a branch of addressing national, social needs and issues not thought too. Therefore, we must understand the obvious: any decision of the parliament, the official, any decision of the judge is taken and exists in public life on behalf of the state, will present the state authority in Ukraine.State authority for the society, for us - is, first, not machine, not a group of officials, judges and everyone individually (although the institutionalization of authority takes place through the institutions and their representatives), government to society for every citizen - the decisions and actions of the authorities.Here it is important not to violate the basic rule - not to take decisions of the state authorities, not to commit those actions that destroy the public's trust in state authority, the ability to manage public affairs, and those decisions and actions that destroy the unity of state authority, sanctified by the Constitution, laws.This approach demonstrates a high level of understanding of the general principles of the government, understanding the need to maintain unity and integrity of government based on constitutional legitimacy, the rule of law.Such an understanding can only be high-profile, high-ranking officials, representatives of all branches of authority.The professionalization of state authority is not the ability to realize own or corporate interests, but in the ability to manage, realize the competence defined by law, act in favor of the public interest and in the interests of each of us, to combine such interests based on the requirements of the Constitution, laws.

Unity, the integrity of state authority in the conditions of real distribution to separate branches of state authority is nothing more than the embodiment of the dialectics of public authority in the practical life of society.It is addressing this is not ideological, but very important for the existence of the Ukrainian state problem now need to focus.


Pavlo Bogutskyi

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