Ukrainian law
Legal news in Ukraine: new decisions of the Constitutional Court, the qualification of judges, the decision of the Supreme Court in the case of obtaining alimony, the coming into force of the new law, the ending of the declaration of income for 2017
28.04.2018 / 11:00 11600

Constitutional Court found unconstitutional the norm of Article 216 of the Criminal Procedural Code, the Law "On All-Ukrainian Referendum" was declared unconstitutional, 431 judges passed qualification assessment, Supreme Court made a conclusion on the recovery of alimony from the heirs, the law, which allows local authorities to restrict the sale of alcohol, came into force


Ukrainian law: identification and development of the national legal system
19.07.2017 / 17:18 3164

Modernity does not reveal the problem of identifying the national legal system of Ukraine despite considerable research efforts

Legal news in Ukraine: 13th November - 18th November 2017
19.11.2017 / 11:26 2914

Ukrainian Judges’ Congress has appointed a judge of the Constitutional Court, Verkhovna Rada has adopted the Law on Amendments to the Criminal Procedural Code on conducting searches, the state budget for 2018 was adopted in first reading, the number of judges in the Supreme Court and higher specialized courts decreased, the competition commission has elected management of the State Bureau of Investigation, Verkhovna Rada has approved a bill on making December 25 an official non-working holiday instead of May 2

03.08.2017 / 17:34 2563

Having inherited the legal system built up on the ideology of totalitarianism, the people of Ukraine chose the main path of their development, with the aim of building a democratic, social legal state and consolidating these concepts in the main law of the state.

Corruption in Ukraine: Will Transparency International be effective?
15.08.2017 / 10:48 2513

The legal system of any state considers corruption as an institutional deviation from the legal regulations of selfish orientation using the possibilities of power and authority. Corruption is defined as a violation of law and provides in the legal system appropriate measures to prevent and counteract such a violation.

Legal news in Ukraine: 8th January - 13th January 2018
13.01.2018 / 11:00 2349

The Supreme Court starts to hear cases, the list of circumstances aggravating the commission of a crime has changed, amendments to the Commercial Procedural Code for simplified proceedings have been made, the regular congress of judges will be held in March, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice agreed on the concept of the development of legal education

Legal order and paramilitary formation
03.03.2018 / 17:24 2194

The legal order is one of the most complicated and overwhelming categories that characterize the right of law and its existence. A lawyer novice and ordinary citizen-observer on legal order can speak only in the context of real relationships in society and to a greater extent in public places, bringing the understanding of legal order into public order, which, of course, cannot fully disclose all aspects of the legal order.

29.01.2018 / 12:17 2142

2017 is full of many events in the international legal field for Ukraine. The main ones are highlighted in the material prepared statements and comments through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. This publication is the first part of the analysis.

Legal news in Ukraine: amendments to the Criminal Code, judges' qualification assessment, model decision of the Supreme Court, new procedure of the lawyer's examination, recalculation of pensions for state employees
21.04.2018 / 11:00 2087

Amendments to the Criminal Code that set the minimum age of sexual consent have come into force, 109 judges passed the qualification assessment, Supreme Court issued a model decision in the case of recounting pensions to prosecutors, a new procedure for drawing up a lawyer's exam is approved, law that allows the legalization of self-assemblies, built in the period from 1992 to 2015, came in force

Legal news in Ukraine: 6th November - 11th November 2017
12.11.2017 / 09:30 2063

President has appointed judges of the new Ukrainian Supreme Court, consolidation of courts will begin in Cherkasy and Chernivtsi, Rada adopted law on utilities and housing services, in Ukraine Election Code was adopted in first reading, Rada adopted law on utilities and housing services

Прискорення у праві: нові виклики donum auctoris Прискорення у праві: нові виклики
Одна з невиліковних сучасних хвороб в українському праві – ігнорування процедури. Але… Історія, від якої є бажання ...
Україна рекомендувала до обрання суддею Європейського суду з прав людини найдостойніших кандидатів: інтерв’ю з Михайлом Буроменським Феміда Україна рекомендувала до обрання суддею Європейського суду з прав людини найдостойніших кандидатів: інтерв’ю з Михайлом Буроменським
26 липня завершила роботу Комісія для проведення конкурсу з добору кандидатів для обрання суддею Європейського суду...
Захист від непроханих гостей: чи існує межа необхідної оборони? Справа Захист від непроханих гостей: чи існує межа необхідної оборони?
Безпека передусім! Відомий і справедливий вислів. І тільки в наших силах зробити так, щоб наші рідні, і ми самі поч...
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