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Legal news in Ukraine: penalties for quarantine violations were imposed, Ukraine has new Attorney General, changes in order of e-declarations’ submission became effective, Constitutional Court will review the prosecutor’s reform

21.03.2020 / 09:30

Legal news in Ukraine: penalties for quarantine violations were imposed, Ukraine has new Attorney General, changes in order of e-declarations’ submission became effective, Constitutional Court will review the prosecutor’s reform

The quarantine penalty law has come into force

On March 17, 2020, the Law of Ukraine «On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine aimed at Preventing the Occurrence and Spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)» (Project No. 3219) came into force.

The law imposes penalties for breach of quarantine rules and regulates certain nuances of employer-employee relations during restrictive measures.

The law provides for the creation of a legal framework for the prompt implementation by the state of a set of urgent measures to prevent and treat coronavirus.

These include:

carrying out the procurement of goods, works and services necessary for this purpose without applying the procedures provided by the Law of Ukraine «On Public Procurement»;

100% prepayment for such goods, works and services;

exemption from import duties and value-added tax on medicines, medical devices and/or medical equipment intended to prevent the occurrence and spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19);

control by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of prices for medicines, medical supplies and socially significant goods.

These rules are temporary.

The Law also introduces a set of legal rules aimed at protecting the rights of individuals and legal entities during quarantine.


the possibility of working at home for employees, civil servants and employees of local self-government bodies and granting leave with their consent;

giving the right to owners to change the working modes of bodies, institutions, enterprises, institutions, organizations, in particular, regarding the reception and servicing of individuals and legal entities with the obligatory informing of the population through websites and other communication means;

a ban on the cancellation of a certificate of registration of an internally displaced person (for the period of quarantine and for 30 days after its cancellation);

a ban on bringing to administrative responsibility foreigners and stateless persons who could not leave Ukraine or were unable to contact the territorial bodies / units of the State Migration Service of Ukraine with a request to extend their stay in Ukraine due to the introduction of quarantine measures;

attribution of the legal fact of the quarantine introduction in force majeure circumstances;

extension of terms for receiving and providing administrative and other services;

ban on state audits in the field of economic activity.

For violation of quarantine, a fine is imposed for citizens in the amount of 17 to 34 thousand UAH, for officials - from 34 to 170 thousand UAH.

For violation of sanitary rules and norms for prevention of infectious diseases: fine from 17 to 51 thousand UAH, restriction of liberty for up to 3 years, arrest for up to 6 months or imprisonment for up to 3 months, and if the actions resulted in the death of people: imprisonment for 5-8 years.

The President signed a decree appointing the prosecutor general

On March 17, 2020, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi signed a decree appointing Iryna Venedyktova as Attorney General.

Earlier, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (on the proposal of the President of Ukraine) supported the decision to grant consent for the appointment of Venedyktova to the post of Prosecutor General.

For the this decision voted 269 deputies of Ukraine.

We will remind, on March 5, 2020 the Verkhovna Rada dismissed the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan Riaboshapka.

The new head of the Attorney General’s Office was born on 21 September 1978 in Kharkiv. She graduated with honors from Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs with a degree in Law and Management.

From August to December 2019, Venedyktova was the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Legal Policy, and on December 28, 2019 she was appointed as an interim head of the State Bureau of Investigation.

Venedyktova – Doctor of Law (2013), member of a number of editorial boards of scientific professional publications and specialized academic councils.

New submissions for filing electronic declarations are in force

On March 20, 2020, the Law of Ukraine ;On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine in Connection with the Adoption of the Law of Ukraine» On Corruption Prevention» entered into force.

The law changes the rules for the submission of annual declarations for 2019, narrows the circle of subjects of declaration and the list of objects of declaration.

For example, the annual declaration for 2019 will not be submitted by the patronage officers (the list of positions is defined in Article 92 of the Law on the Civil Service), except for advisers, assistants, commissioners, the press secretary of the President of Ukraine and judges’ assistant.

In declarations for 2019 (annual, declarations after dismissal, declarations of candidates for a position), it is no longer necessary to indicate:

a unique entry number in the Unified State Demographic Register;

belonging to national public figures;

place of registration of the declarations subjects’ family members;

declaration objects that were in the possession or use of the declaration subject or members of his or her family for at least half the days of the reporting period;

family members of the declaration subject, living together with him for a total of at least 183 days during the year;

trusts or other similar legal entities, the ultimate beneficial owner (controller) of which is the subject of the declaration or members of his family;


banking and other institutions, including abroad, in which the subject of the declaration or family members have opened accounts or kept funds, other property.

It should be noted that the submission of annual declarations for 2019 is extended until June 1.

Reform of the prosecutor’s office is disputed in the Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine received the constitutional submission of 50 People’s Deputies of Ukraine on the constitutionality of the Law of Ukraine «On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Priority Measures for the Reform of Prosecutor’s Bodies» of September 19, 2019.

Deputies believe that the adoption of the contested law «caused a narrowing of the content and scope of existing rights of citizens, introduced a dualism of legal principles of organization and activity of the prosecutor’s office of Ukraine, the status of prosecutors».

We will remind, the law introduced reform of prosecutor’s office in Ukraine. The Office of the Prosecutor General was created instead of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Prosecutors of all levels undergo certification, In general, it is planned to fire one third of the prosecutor’s office staff: from 15 to 10 thousand people.

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